The Edupurist Podcast

What is the Edupurist Podcast?

The Edupurist podcast is a podcast that focuses on relevant issues in education. It’s a podcast that will highlight educational inequities that exist in communities labeled poor and disenfranchised.  In other words, this podcast lends a voice to those that may feel silenced.

How will this podcast make things better for those silenced?

Mom always says, “When you know better, you do better.”   It is a message that has resonated with me.  My job is not to judge. The goal of this podcast is to give folks the tools to be successful without dehumanizing them in the process.

My Truth.

Firstly, there shouldn’t be layers to the truth.  My job is to layout the contributing factors (the why) and allow my audience to determine (the how).  Secondly, the Edupurist Podcast is a podcast that will promote “Agency” amongst POC.  Thirdly, listening to this podcast will arm you with the tools to enact change in your communities. This podcast will challenge the status quo and leave this world in a better place for our children.

How Will We Win?

Next, we will win by knocking down barriers and creating opportunities to engage.  Moreover, barriers only exist if we allow them to exist.  The Edupurist Podcast will give you strategies on how to engage. The pod will also ask the pertinent questions that will allow us to challenge the status quo.

What is your Role as the Listener?

Hence, Listeners are the Executive Producers of Content for The Edupurist Podcast.  Your job is to let me know who and what I should be covering on the podcast.  When the show is lame, tell me it is lame.  If there is anything I can do to ensure this is an uplifting product. A product that can help our communities grow in a positive direction. I encourage your feedback.

Season Two:

Season One of The Edupurist Podcast was practice.  As a result, this season we have tightened up the production value.  There’s a commitment to be more consistent on the quality of the product that we put out.  Thanks for your patience, season two is going to be amazing.