Senator Elizabeth Warren Pulls a flip-flop on School Choice

That’s a direct contradiction to her initial support for school choice. I don’t know which Senator Warren we’ll get if she’s elected president. It is for that reason that During the early stages of the 2020 presidential campaign, I can’t throw my support around Senator Warren.

The Story of an ETS/SAT Scoring Anomaly Has Just Gone Viral!

In suburbia, affluent parents can double down, and purchase tutoring services for their kids. They use the data from the strength analysis provided by ETS, and they develop a comprehensive plan to improve their scores.

Long Hair They Don't Care; Implicit Bias Against SoC

Whether its the young lady in Philly not being allowed to play basketball due to wearing her hijab or the young lady in New Orleans being sent home because of her hairstyle, black popular culture is under attack.