School to Prison Pipeline: Getting PoC on a Track to Success.

From the Classroom to Prison: Firstly, it starts with young PoC so parents, please prepare yourselves through awareness. The school to prison pipeline is real. We have to be intentional in readying our kids for college and life beyond school. These habitual failure mills are preparing PoC for prisons and a life of despair. Moreover,Continue reading “School to Prison Pipeline: Getting PoC on a Track to Success.”

Endorsement for Peter Lewis

I endorse Peter Lewis for City Council. Endorsement Letter: This is the first time that I am ever doing something like this.  I never thought I would be this emotional while writing it, so please bear with me. I grew up with Peter Lewis. He’s my cousin, and I love him dearly. Although we aren’tContinue reading “Endorsement for Peter Lewis”

Tone Death to Blackface in schools

Tone Death to Blackface: Aren’t you tired of reading stories about white students in blackface? Don’t they know how offensive and hurtful these actions are? Do they even care? Are the tone death? Blackface is the act of impersonating black people by painting your face black. Blackface became prevalent in the 1830s. Whites and otherContinue reading “Tone Death to Blackface in schools”