Nice White Parents Podcast

Nice White Parents Podcast

The amount of privilege exhibited in the Nice White Parents Podcast was exhaustive. The more I heard, the more upset I became. One feeling that I did not have was a feeling of surprise. Anyone who breaths and listens to the Nice White Parents podcast knows the power that exists when White folks flex their collective agency. It’s as if the rest of the world must bend ever so gently to allow White folks to discount what this country has done to raced people actively. Honestly, I was probably more upset with White people that were alarmed by the podcast. You guys live a life that affords you privilege, not because someone earned it per se – but simply because power gets hoarded and minoritized people feel the brunt.

Interest Convergence

Just like with everything else, problems don’t exist in America until White folks identify the problem. Anyone else who dares to categorize issues often goes unheard and unseen. When White people can benefit from a situation, even if it’s on the backs of raced people, they often do it as second nature. The mere thought of parents campaigning to have access to schools or to have schools opened in their neighborhoods only to choose not to send their kids to the school is absurd. It speaks volumes regarding the amount of power amongst White people and their sheer disregard for power-sharing with raced people.

Zip Code Choice

Unfortunately, school choice is not just an issue that is dominated by one race anymore. Insert the middle class of any race, and the conversations start to shift. Think about the first question you ask when you buy a house. It’s more than likely, “How are the schools?” if you have school-aged kids correct? To be in the class of people that can make the best choice for your children based on your station in life is a fantastic feeling. Many people, categorized as socioeconomically disenfranchised, will never experience feeling this way. Does this make them any less? Does this make their inability to select schools based on where they live any less important? I don’t think it does.


Integration hurt Black people, and it continues to do so. The integration of schools never worked because integration was never the end goal. It was yet another one of those interest convergence maneuvers meant to make Whites feel better about their consciousness and decision making. I’d be remiss not to discuss the ramifications on the Black communities due to forced integration. We lost school leaders and teachers, and research has shown us that the quality of education for Black children diminished based on schools’ forced integration. The Nice White Parents podcast captures this well. One of the podcast’s high points is when the South’s parent explains how Northern schools and circumstances were worse than what the families experienced in Southern states, respectively.

Eight Black Hands Podcast

The Eight Black Hands podcast is sort of like a supergroup. Meaning, we all do our work separately; however, on Sundays at 9 pm (EST), we share our views and perspective on issues that matter to the 18 million-plus raced students who attend American schools. We formulated our podcast as a way to amplify the voices of the poor and disenfranchised. We recently critiqued the Nice White Parents Podcast. You should check out what we had to say. You should also tune in every Sunday at 9 pm EST,



Published by Raymond J. Ankrum, Sr.

Mr. Ankrum is the current Superintendent of the Riverhead Charter School. Mr. Ankrum has gained notoriety as a school turnaround expert. He is enthusiastic about helping students from low (SES) find ways to end generational poverty through educational advocacy. If you believe PoC can end generational poverty by exercising educational opportunities, you have an ally in @Mr_Ankrum.

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