We Can all Come to the Same Revelation About High Stakes Testing; We Wish it Happened less.

High Stakes Testing. We can all come to the same revelation about high stakes testing; we wish it happened less. To the contrary, high stakes testing drives another narrative that folks don’t want to focus on, and that’s teacher accountability. If a teacher has a student all year, there should be the expectation that theContinue reading “We Can all Come to the Same Revelation About High Stakes Testing; We Wish it Happened less.”

Build Capacity!

When we arrived in Pittsburgh for the State of Black Learning 2019, I immediately assumed that the franchise QB of the Eight Black Hands Podcast, Dr. Charles Cole, would host our live podcast. My role on the podcast is the anarchist. Charles has coined me as “The Dennis Rodman of Education reform.” So, when Charles said,” Bro,Continue reading “Build Capacity!”

Charter School Caps are Discriminatory (Period)

Charter School Caps are Discriminatory (period). All over the country, we are starting to hear more talk about capping school choice for the families that need it the most. Charter school caps are straight-up racists. Black and Latinx folks have long come to terms that K-12 education at its current state will not allow us to competeContinue reading “Charter School Caps are Discriminatory (Period)”

Suspended Again!

Good Day Brothers and Sisters of the TWU Local 570 (LGA), I have been suspended again from being a TWU local shop steward. These last 24 hrs have been a whirlwind filled with different emotions. On Wednesday, one of our co-workers got terminated before an investigation. This unnamed co-worker alerted the union and followed all ofContinue reading “Suspended Again!”

Politricks as Usual

Politricks as Usual. We live in a partisan political climate, and because of this, our country is in disarray. The majority of votes that come out of Washington are usually down party lines. Party line votes, in my opinion, ruin democracy as we know it. Especially when elected officials claim that they carry out the will of theContinue reading “Politricks as Usual”